The Generosity Exchange

We realize that many people are more comfortable with a set payment for services exchange and that is how our business has operated since 1991.  This clear arrangement allowed our clients to determine if they could afford us or not, and having received a session, if it’s worth it or not. For those who can afford this arrangement we encourage you and invite you to continue. For others we offer the Generosity Exchange. Each has it’s pros and cons and we understand that this arrangement may actually cause anxiety and most people, when faced with this option will ask, “Is $X okay?” – a question that squelches the spirit of this exchange. Please read ‘Guidelines and Tips’ at the bottom of the page as well as the following:

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As we travel money loses and gains value depending on where in the world we find ourselves. What remains constant is that we will always need some money, a place to stay and food to eat.

The Generosity Exchange is the way you can give back for your Hand in Hand Massage session.

For those who have the means: Replenishing our funds is always desirable. We ask that you determine how much your payment is by taking the following into consideration using the ‘magic trigram’:

  1. your finances
  2. the going rate in the country you’re from
  3. what we charged in the U.S. ($110 for an hour and $160 for a 90-minute session (USD).

For those who have a little or no money to spare: You can do partial payment and/or look at what you have that you can offer in return. If it comes from the heart, if it comes out of wanting to give something back, it is part of the Generosity Exchange.

We prefer to give a Massage & Bodywork session first so that you can ‘feel’ what you want to give back in exchange.

The following is a list of ideas:

  • Accommodation
  • Tours and guides
  • Food (cooked meals, fresh veggies, fruit, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cakes, etc. No pork or eggplant)
  • Movie or theatre tickets
  • Transportation, use of vehicles, bicycles
  • Invitations to experience your culture
  • Use of a massage space and/or table
  • Promotional work of our services in your community

The Generosity Exchange is a gift from us, a gift of our experience, knowledge, skill and heart. We will bring those things together with the goal of fulfilling your needs, whether they are to ‘journey’, to deeply relax, to inform or to decrease your pain or discomfort.

The Generosity Exchange is also an invitation, an opportunity to explore generosity of heart and connection of spirit. May neither party measure if they have given or received too much or too little. May we feel at peace.

We began Hand in Hand Massage in 1991. We have always truly loved our profession but at the same time we have struggled with the knowledge that we could never set one price that would be affordable to everyone. We have regularly given free massage to those who were sick, injured, as donations to new business and events, at festivals and markets and disaster sites.

We are not affluent (not all Americans are)- we are traveling on a limited budget and have regular life expenses so we appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity. We are excited to begin The Generosity Exchange.

Guidelines & Tips

Please read the above and be honest, fair and true.

What works best:

  • You leave feeling what you have offered us is as generous as what we have given you.
  • Have an idea of what you can afford or would like to exchange before the session but revisit this after the session.
  • If you don’t have a lot of money ask yourself how you can supplement it. This is clear from what we’ve said above but we’ve found people get stuck on the money side of the exchange. Be creative and courageous by thinking about what people in our situation might appreciate.

What does not fall into the the spirit of the Generosity Exchange:

  • Asking us to set a price – we have no interest in figuring this out for you.
  • You are paying $150 per night to stay at your hotel and offer us $35 for a session.
  • You pay $90 for massage at home and figure it costs $65 in the country you are in so you pay us $65.
  • You’re on vacation and feel you already spending a lot of money but you want a massage so when you see this you think, “oh good, I can cut my massage costs”.
  • You are trying to get as much as you can for as little as possible

We appreciate your creativity, courage, kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity!