Sacred Bodywork

Developed by Monique Illona, and detailed in her book, A Dual Path: Sacred Practices and Bodywork (a 200-page book available as a free download under the tab Our Books), Sacred Bodywork (SB) works with the Energetic Matrix to diffuse, release and transcend physical, emotional, thought, energetic and behavioral patterns.

The video below is the only recording (to our knowledge) of the release of kriya’s, one of the Sacred Possibilities that may occur in a session that are evidence of a pattern release.

A minimum of 90-minutes is needed for these slow and meditative sessions. Two-hour sessions are recommended.

Q & A

Q: Is SB talk therapy?

A: Sacred Bodywork is not psychotherapy or any other kind of talk therapy. In fact, there is very little to no talking in a session. Before the session begins we will have the opportunity to chat so you can give me an outline of what you are dealing or working with, such as pain, stress, life changes, fear, etc. During the session I might ask you to take a deep breath to support the release of energy or we may talk if either one of us has a visionary experience we want to share but other than that the system of the Energetic Matrix that holds our behavioral, emotional, physical and thought patterns is effected solely through this quiet, meditative approach of hands-on bodywork.

Q: How is a Sacred Bodywork session different from a massage?

A: Massage contacts, connects and influences the skin, muscle and structure of the body. SB sees the skin as an envelope to the energetic matrix. I make contact with the skin and muscles of the body in order to see how they have been effected by the energetic matrix and to diffuse the energy that is held or blocked. Pressure, placement and technique that is chosen is towards connecting to and releasing energy. In order to allow for this to happen, I work to lead the client into a deep state of relaxation I refer to as Systemic Relaxation. The release of energy is evidenced by the client experiencing the Wonders of Heaven such as kriya’s or ghost hands and although these may occur spontaneously in a massage or reiki session, SB is the only bodywork that has been created with this purpose in mind, using tempo, technique as well as vortex and pressure of technique and brain waves through the entering of a meditative state.

Q: What do I need to do in the session?

A: Nothing but relax and let go. A simple answer but for some this can be a challenge. Often ‘relaxing’ is something you do when you sit down, have a cup of tea and read a book. While this is true, it’s not what I’m referring to. The ‘relaxing’ I’m referring to is a skill that many have never gained, that of complete inactivity of both mind and body. This entails an invitation to yourself to let go, of thoughts, helping, informing, anticipating, and of entertaining. In falling asleep, there is a letting go, or falling into another state. SB is like this, drifting into another state of being where you not only let go, but forget or lose touch with your own set-point, the you you know yourself to be, with your thoughts, behavior, stresses and challenges. This in itself is extremely healing, giving us distance and perspective, allowing us to experience ourselves differently and allowing us to detach from any patterns our system has established.

The onus of achieving this is not all on you at all. My job is to use my skill to guide you there. This is an aspect of the Dual Path, each party inviting and creating space towards this goal.

Q: Why is it important to detach from our patterns?

A: Because that is how we change. In the deepest part of our being we understand that our patterns keep us bound and limited, we understand that we are larger than our patterns,  and that for a moment or an hour we have experienced being liberated, that we are free-floating. By liberating ourselves we understand through experience, even on an unconscious level, that we and the world is full of potential, often unknown and untapped. I want to state here something important, something vital. ‘Understanding’ is very different than ‘experiencing’. Understanding is a mind activity, process and conclusion. Experience is pure, untainted by thought or judgement. Understanding and experience can be thought of as the two parts of the Dual Path.

Q: What can I expect in a session?

A: I act as a guide leading your mind and body to a state of Systemic Relaxation by choosing tempo, pressure and technique, that enables me to go beyond the envelope to connect with your energetic environment. Sessions are often experienced as ‘watery’, ‘visionary’. You may experience any number of what I’ve called in my book, The Wonders of Heaven on The World of Sacred Possibilities (page 81 – 86). In the video above, Kriya’s: The Sacred Ecosystem Within, you will witness a client experiencing kriya’s, a spontaneous and visible release of energy. This is only one of many possibilities of what may occur in a session.

Q: How can I have the best experience?

A: Plan time alone after the session to be with and contemplate your experience. If your goal is personal transformation, this bodywork is very powerful and effective when combined with the practices from the book (Part 2, The Sacred Practices, page 14 – 64). Part 4  (pages 120 – 155) is a guide to what you can do before, during and after a session. Basically do by not doing with both your mind and body. Try not to anticipate what might happen. Allow your thoughts to come and go. For instance, when you look at clouds, you simply notice them, the size, shape and direction, you may not even look directly at them, and you don’t try to change them, control them, or hold on to them. Allow your thought clouds the same privilege, notice and release. If you find yourself getting dreamy, drifty, sleepy you’re on the right track. If you know how to fall asleep, invite yourself to go in that direction – you won’t miss a thing, in fact you’ll gain from the experience.

Q: What if I’m a bodyworker myself and want to learn how to do this?

A: Firstly, if you are getting a SB session, allow yourself to just be without trying to figure out what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. All of that is mind activity and will just work to prevent you from experiencing and finding value in the session. Let your mind detach from all that. If you’d like to learn SB, contact me when you have a group of trained massage professionals who also interested. I’m happy to travel almost any where to teach.