Our Books

We invite you to open or download free copies of our books but please do not copy or use any part of these books unless you have permission from the authors. If you wish to share a copy on Facebook, email or any where else, please do not do so without first requesting and receiving permission.

To open: Click on the link below the image.

To download: Right click or two-finger click on the image and select ‘download’.


Monique’s book, A Dual Path: Sacred Practices and Bodywork. A 200-page book.

Dual Path Cover

Click the link: A Dual Path

Blane’s book, Wrong Door. Choose the color or black and white version of this 12-page comic book. Concept, illustration and text by Blane Allen, clean-up and colorization by Monique Illona.

Color Wrong Door 1

Click the link: Color Wrong Door book

Cover 1

Click the link: B & W Wrong Door book