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We left the town, the country and the life we knew to travel into the new and unknown. We are wanderers discovering a larger world while giving ourselves the opportunity to grow, learn and adapt. 

When and why to use our ‘tip jar’

  • Just because you want to say a friendly “Hi” and treat us to a cup of tea, a mango, a meal, or a night in a hotel with a hot shower.
  • To let us know you’ve enjoyed our free 100% viewable and downloadable online books, The Wrong Door and A Dual Path: Sacred Practices and Bodywork (this book took Monique 4 years to write and is now out of print) and any of our audible books.
  • To support or pay into our Gratitude Project.
  • If you want to say “go for it!” because getting rid of it all and launching yourself into the world without any planning or forethought is your dream too!
  • To express appreciation for our art, writing or if you have been inspired by our lifestyle or a particularly interesting or useful travel blog.

We are grateful for any amount – what may seem too small to you will serve as inspiration to us and often goes a long way in S.E. Asia! 

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