CV: Blane Allen, BCTMB, LMT

Work History

2017                           Massage Instructor at Casa Nemo in Pulau Weh, Indonesia. Taught advanced massage skills to four massage therapists in the spa: Jet Lag Massage, Integrated Techniques Massage and Sacred Massage.

2012 – 2016              Founder & Director of The Dual Path Institute teaching private and group classes, and offering public speaking engagements.

1993 – Present         Partner, Hand in Hand Massage, MA. Full-time Massage Professional and on-site Corporate Chair Massage.

2014                           NCBTMB approved to teach 19 courses on Massage and Ethics.

2013                           Developed Positional Bodywork™, a modality for yoga students or instructors, musicians, those working with computers and anyone who needs to hold a physical position or posture.

2004                           Purchased Wellness Plus, Massage business in Marblehead, MA. Integrated into Hand in Hand Massage.

2004                           Massage Instructor, CEI, Somerville, MA

2002                           Massage Professional, Yoga Duzit, Boston, MA

1999 – 2000              Massage Professional, Wellspace, Cambridge MA.

1997 – 1999             Massage Professional at Cohen Family Chiropractic, Boston, MA

1995 – 1999             Senior Instructor of Daoist Health Practices under Master Kwan Sai Hung

1998                           Asian Bodywork Instructor, Antioch College, NH

1997                           Asian Bodywork Instructor, Nippon Shiatsu Diagaku.

1997                           Anatomy Instructor, Nippon Shiatsu Diagaku.

Awards, Certifications & Memberships

Hand in Hand Massage is rated five out of five stars on Tripadvisor and has won the Reader’s Choice Awards every year since 2008.

2015 & 2014             CPR and AED Certified

2014                           Board Certified by the NCBTMB, #294090-00

2005 – Present         Member, ABMP. Member # 907514

2001 – Present         Nationally Certified by the NCBTMB, #294090-00

1996 – Present         Member, AOBTA. Member #2116


1997                           Nippon Shiatsu Daigaku, 2000 hours. Certified Instructor level training

1992 – 1993             Harvard University, Extension Division. Classes: Archeology, Philosophy and Writing Intensive.

1991                           Fisher College. Class: English Literature.

Continuing Education:

2008 – Present         Daoist Qigong Training with Dr. Eva Wong

2014                           Pregnancy Massage. 30 hours with Carol Osborne.

2013                           EFT Level 1 & 2 with Peter Donn

2012                           Beyond Religion: Ethics, Values and Wellbeing with The Dalai Lama and Brother David Steindl-Rast

2012                           Professional Ethics for the Massage Therapist. 4 hours with Charles Cook

2010                           Cranial 3, 32 hours of Visionary Craniosacral with Hugh Milne

2009                           Scar Tissue Release with Marjorie Brook, 6 hours

2009                           Cranial 4, 32 hours of Visionary Craniosacral with Hugh Milne

2009                           Visceral Manipulation 2. 32 hours with Benjamin Shield

2008                           Chinese Herbal Plaster & Tuina for Soft Tissue Injuries. 4 hours with Ping Chan

2007                           Cranial 1, 32 hours of Visionary Craniosacral with Hugh Milne

2007                           Cranial 2, 32 hours of Visionary Craniosacral with Hugh Milne

2006                           Masters Level Medical Massage Certification. 44 hours with Paul Kirchoff

2005                           Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 4 hours with Charles Cook

2005                           Successful Massage Practice Managament. 4 hours with Charles Cook

2005                           Professional Ethics for the Massage Therapist. 4 hours with Charles Cook

2003                           Qi Gong at the AOBTA Convention

2000                           Cadaver Lab Workshop with Dianne Polseno

1989 -1999               Traditional Chinese Health & Vitality of the Xiantianwujimen School of Huashan Mountain        with Master Kwan Sai Hung

1998                           Fibromyalgia with Sunny Cooper

1997                           The Tao of Chinese Pressing Points. 6 hours with Professor Wang Jin-Huai

1987                           Advanced Tuina Techniques with Dr. Wong


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