Laurie: Chapel Hill, NC.

July 25th, – August 1, 2016


We had planned to drive to North Carolina to visit our friend, Laurie, for a week before flying out to NZ but Laurie treated us to a flight instead. We were very thankful – our lives had become hectic and we had been busy up until the last minute with closing up our life in the U.S. We wouldn’t have looked forward to that drive!  It was lovely to see Laurie and spend some quality time together and to spend time catching up on our sleep. We drove in to Carrboro once in a while for supplies at Weaver Street Market and hung out at Gray Squirrel Cafe with our kindles while we had the best coffee! We spent a good deal of time at the Apple store resolving an internet reception problem and then Blane’s iPad broke down and we had to drive an hour each way to the Greensboro Apple store to switch it out for a new one. We’d sensed an understated seething aggression in NC and Carrboro had felt like a little haven. In Greensboro, as I was warming up in the sun outside the air conditioned Apple store two young white men who exited commented on the ‘nigger’ who had helped them. We forget living in the North, that the rest of the country doesn’t operate in the same way. We forget how other people casually hate and we forget how it’s possible for Trump to have come so far…

It was crazy hot in NC so we didn’t go for any walks. We went to a couple of movies and ate dinner from the little farmers market that was there, met some great people – a number of them had spent time in NZ. A man in line for the movies went ballistic on me for asking a question before it was my turn – I had just wanted to know if we were in the right line.

We had dinner at Zeeburger and that’s where the photos were taken. The first one was in the women’s bathroom! As yet, that probably rates as the most uncomfortable and inappropriate bathroom decor I’ve encountered. The photo is about 7 feet tall and you can see the people seemingly peering over the stalls with their cameras while your in the stall…! Whose idea was that?!

Before we left I made two recipes my mother had passed on to me – an old french recipe for olive & lemon chicken and a chocolate coconut dessert – and I’m so glad I did, they turned out really, really good!

By the end of the week we were ready to leave, and Laurie took us to the airport. We didn’t feel anxious at all, just excited and happy to be going.

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