Asian Bodywork

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The term ‘Asian bodywork ‘ generally refers to massage techniques developed in China, Japan, and Korea. Bodywork in Asia differs from bodywork in the west most obviously because of the lack of oil used on the client. These types of Asian work are “dry” for the most part although at times some liniments and oils are used. Shiatsu form Japan, Tui Na from China, and Sooji from Korea are the styles that Blane has incorporated into his particular style. Accupressure and shiatsu are the same thing for the most part and means to apply various amounts of pressure to specific points on the body to bring about a shift towards balanced health. Tui Na uses rolling, lifting, rubbing, vibration, and drumming (percussion) of tissue to achieve a return to health. Sooji is a type of accupressure used with a massage tool to help correct problems in the body.

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